Aswan is a small city in the south of Egypt, about 890 km south of Cairo, just below the Aswan Dam and Lake Nasser, with a population of 275,000. Aswan city considered the sunniest city and ancient frontier town in Egypt.

Offering a delightful beauty and a relaxed atmosphere, with a warm and dry climate. The city located about 890 km south of Cairo, and 80 km south of Luxor, it has a more African ambience than any other city in Egypt. It has long been known as the “Gate of Africa”, and much of its charms come from the River Nile. Life here is slow-paced and relaxed, and its setting on the Nile is gorgeous. Boats sail by gracefully, and floating restaurants offer rhythmic Nubian music and delicious fresh fish.

The Nile in Aswan is at its best, flowing gently around bright green islands adorned with tropical foliage. The local souk (market) is filled with the exotic scents of spices and perfumes. Handmade baskets are piled high in the market, alongside handmade scarves. The bazaar in Aswan is especially large, and continues past the Fair Gardens, the Nubian Museum and down to the