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We offer you the luxury of choosing between different places that provide high quality services, we also provide you with different offers to have the comfort you are looking for and to enjoy performing different religious rites like: Hajj and Umrah. We offer you a stay in the best hotels overlooking Al-Haram Al-Sharif and Prophet’s Mosque, we also offer all the services you need to make performing Hajj and Umrah much easier for you.

How will you spend your next vacation?

We appreciate happy times therefore we make unique programs and experiences to suit leisure seekers and the ones who look for different activities and adventure. We also help you to choose the perfect destination for you whether inside Egypt or abroad. So if you are looking for a tour with your friends or a program that suits your family, we have the best choices for you.

Your quality time is our quality standard

Since 1980 and we have been working on providing the best services and experiences to our clients by offering them the best tours and choices to make their travelling experience unforgettable. Success that has lasted more than 40 years in different tourism fields we are looking forward to continuing our excellence making your travelling experience better and more luxurious.

Our vision for the future

We are striving for excellence and maintaining our clients’ trust, for that our goal is to develop our services and to provide digital solutions to make your experience easier and faster. We use our success and our experience to keep pace with our clients’ needs, and to offer our clients high quality and luxury. In light of the global and Egyptian trend into finding new alternative digital solutions, we made a digital gateway specially designed and developed to make our services easier. With using this digital gateway you can search for tours, compare between different programs, and even book your tour with various payment methods, we offer all this and more to introduce a faster and easier service for our clients.

We provide you with all the services necessary to make your trip fantasies a reality in more than 500 locations across the world.

Lucky Tours is a top provider of religious travel packages for the Hajj and Umrah, enhancing the trip experience and comfort

One of the top business travel firms in the world, Lucky Tours offers top-notch corporate travel management supported by years of experience.

Learn about Egypt's history and famous sights. Enjoy the Nile cruise and the sandy beaches of the Red and Mediterranean seas, as well as Egypt's magnificent monuments and temples, including the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx.